HR policy

The implementation of strategic plans is based on attracting the best talent and adopting a socially responsible approach to organising business practices. Smart-Holding contributes to the professional growth and career development of its employees as much as possible.

The principles of personnel policy at Smart-Holding's enterprises are:

  • Transparent recruitment

Personnel selection is based on solely competitive conditions. External candidates are only considered after a review of the Company's existing talent pool.

  • Creation of a comfortable working environment, guarantee of decent labour remuneration and social security

Smart-Holding’s enterprises strictly comply with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation in respect to the working conditions of employees. Therewith, the enterprises of Smart-Holding are committed to maintaining high standards of IT and telecommunications infrastructure. The enterprises provide competitive remuneration, and offer individual social conditions and compensation.

  • Development of personnel potential and opportunities for self-realisation

A system of personnel performance appraisals has been introduced across the enterprises of Smart-Holding. Individual development plans of employees have been designed and are currently being implemented by the Company, making it possible to build a transparent and motivating HR policy.