Naval Logistics Project

Логистический проект «Наваль»

In 2016, Smart-Holding decided to set up a logistics hub in the format of an industrial park with a focus on transhipment of agricultural sector's cargoes and metal structures. The project is being implemented on the areas of Nikolayev Shipyard of Smart Maritime Group that are not used in the main production process.

Within the framework of the project, the managing company Naval Park and the operator Naval Logistics have been established. The latter provides a full range of cargo transhipment services: handling, loading, forwarding, weight and quality control, provision of specialized warehousing etc. This format allows attracting small and medium-sized businesses, as well as ensures the development of business environment in the region. The company supplies the residents of the industrial park with the necessary resources and utilities such as electricity, gas, water supply and sanitation, and provides railway transportation services.

In the medium term, Naval plans to modernize its fleet of cranes, to renovate the warehouses and to implement a repair project of digging and dredging to reach the design depths in the nearest water area.

The strategic goal of the project is to bring a notable player to the transhipment market of the South of Ukraine, achieving a cargo turnover of up to 4 million tonnes per year in the medium term.

CEO of Smart-Holding Pertin: We Begin Establishment of the Industrial Park Based on ChSY Site

RBC-Ukraine: We met with the CEO of Smart-Holding Alexey Pertin to discuss the development outlook of the Ukrainian shipbuilding industry since forecasts by industry analysts predict a protracted global crisis for all shipyards. In particular, DanishShipFinance predicts that the world's largest shipyards may be left without any orders by 2017.