Smart Energy


As part of the strategy aimed at diversification of the investment portfolio, Smart-Holding has been developing projects in the field of oil and gas and alternative energy since 2011. In 2012, these gas producing assets were combined into a promising new business called Smart Energy.

Smart-Holding`s oil and gas business block is represented by Enwell Energy  (formerly Regal Petroleum), a British public company with assets in Ukraine, as well as a Ukrainian gas producing company Ukrgazvydobutok. 

As of 1 January 2020, the hydrocarbon reserves of С12 categories in gas recovery assets of Smart Energy are estimated as follows: 22.633 billion cubic meters of gas, 3.722 million tonnes of condensate. In addition, prospective resources of gas and condensate amount to 4.623 billion cubic meters and 768 thousand tonnes respectively.

As of 1 January 2020, the total accumulated volume of gas production at the fields of the Smart Energy Group exceeded 4,152 billion cubic meters. The same indicator for gas condensate is 530 thousand tonnes.

With the 2019 gas production indicator being more than 368.8 million cubic meters, Smart Energy Group is one of the top private gas production groups in Ukraine. 

The strategy of Smart-Holding’s oil and gas business provides for increased investment in the development of deposits' mining and continuing consolidation of promising production assets in Ukraine.

In the medium-term, Smart-Holding plans to gain a leading position in the private segment of gas production.

In the field of alternative energy, Smart-Holding is implementing a project to build a network of plants for the production of fuel pellets from biomass. Vin-Pellet Plant in the Vinnitsa region, commissioned in 2013, was the first step in implementing this project.

The development strategy of this business presupposes its replication in various regions of Ukraine, increasing pellet production to 1.5 million tonnes per year.

The State will lose 1.3 billion UAH in taxes and 135 million m³ of gas due to the shutdown of Smart Energy Group companies in Kharkiv province

Due to suspension of special permits of private gas production companies Ukrgazvydobutok and Prom-Energo Product of Smart Energy Group for hydrocarbons production at Ostroverkhivske and Vasyschivske fields, the State and local budgets have already lost almost 110 million UAH, and the energy system – 12.4 million m³ of gas. Unless operation of companies is resumed in the near future, by the end of 2023 alone the State will have lost another 1.3 billion UAH of taxes and 135 million m³ of gas.