Smart Maritime Group


Since 2005, Smart-Holding has been developing its shipbuilding business represented by Smart Maritime Group (SMG). SMG’s businesses include Kherson and Nikolayev Shipyards each of which occupies a significant place in the shipbuilding sector both in Ukraine and the Azov-Black Sea region. 

The production capacities of the shipbuilding operations enable the building of medium- and heavy-tonnage fully complete vessels with a displacement of up to 120,000 tonnes, as well as the ability to perform complex ship repair. Clients of the yards are companies from the Netherlands, Norway, UK and other countries around the world.

The mid-term strategy is aimed at strengthening SMG’s position in the niche of medium-tonnage fully complete shipbuilding in the markets of Europe and the Baltics. SMG’s shipbuilding operations intend to become the leading players in the offshore shipbuilding market.

Smart Maritime Group Invested over UAH 20 Million in the Modernization of its Production Facilities and Key Assets

Smart Maritime Group (SMG) has invested over UAH 20 million in the modernization of its production facilities and key assets.