The Black Sea Shipyard concluded a contract with PKL Flote for sea tug construction


The Black Sea Shipyard (BSS, Ukraine, Nikolayev) signed new contract with “PKL Flote” (Latvia, Riga) for construction of multipurpose sea tug as per project G07DL. Under the concluded contract ready-for-service vessel is to be delivered to the customer in summer 2013.

“For more than a year we were confidently moving towards contract signing with PKL Flote Company. The project was developed by our planning and design centre in accordance with international rules applicable to the vessels of a kind. Qualified staff, as well as manufacturing capabilities of our enterprise, knowledge of foreign shipbuilding and accessory equipment market make possible to guarantee high quality, real terms and attractive prices for our customers. At present shipyard’s strategy is directed to the establishment of long-term partnership either with potential customers or current business partners”, - Valeriy Kalashnikov, CEO of the Black Sea Shipyard, commented signing of the contract with PKL Flote representatives.

According to the terms and conditions of the contract the shipyard will construct complete sea tug pursuant to the rules of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

The vessel has been designed by BSS’s planning and design centre and serves for tuggage of dumb vessels and self-floating structures, vessels voyage in harbors waters, escort operations in Baltic Sea at a speed up to 10 knots, fire-fighting at vessels, as well as for icebreaker support. Tug propulsive complex provides traction not less than 65 t on breasting lines and consists of 2 propelling engines with auxiliary engines, 2 steerable pods with adjustable pitch propellers in mounting attachments. The vessel has additional hull reinforcement for icebreaking.