Kherson Shipyard Floats out LEDA Dry Cargo Ship


Kherson Shipyard (Public Joint-Stock Company) has floated out LEDA dry cargo carrier for Vestra LTD Company built using elements of a donor vessel and designed for transportation of general and bulk cargoes.

Building in line with RSD58 design resulted in the ship’s receiving a bulbous bow[1] with planking thickness of up to 20 millimetres and flat transom-type stern. Other work on the vessel included complete, for and aft, replacement of the bottom planking, increase in the height of the holds’ coamings[2]. The cargo area of the vessel was divided into four cargo holds by means of new corrugated transverse bulkheads.

New sliding hatchway cover was produced and installed on the vessel. The leads of the cover mechanism are lifted by means of hydraulic cylinders and slid or moved using special winches installed on the upper deck. To improve the steering capabilities when moving in narrow waters, passing through tide gates and mooring, the ship was equipped with the bow steering mechanism of the ducted propeller type.

The performed work made it possible to improve the cargo handling and manoeuvring capabilities of the vessel.

‘Today, our yard focuses on solution of the most complicated tasks of building new modern vessels. We work actively towards this goal, and availability of high-class specialists makes it possible to execute the orders with perfect quality,’ said Vasiliy Fedin, the General Director of the yard.

‘This is not the first order we placed with Kherson Shipyard. We are satisfied with the quality of the performed work and hope for future cooperation,’ said Vladimir Kuzmenko, the Technical Director of Vestra LTD.


Specifications of LEDA dry cargo ship of RSD58 design

The overall length of the ship is 138.8 metres, its width is 16.5 meters and its hull height is 5.0 metres. Its deadweight in the sea with the draught of 4.25 metres is about 6,200 tonnes, while the deadweight in the river with the draught of 3.60 metres is about 4,700 tonnes.

KhersonShipyard(KhS) was founded in 1951.

Between 2005 and 2012, four refrigerated cargo ships, six drilling platform supply and anchor handling vessels, three railroad ferry ships, ST. NICOLAS fully fitted-out multi-purpose dry cargo carrier, twelve river tanker ships and eleven fully fitted-out multi-purpose dry cargo vessels of CHELSEA type were built and shipped to the customers.

Now, three tankers of RST27 design are being built, four vessels are subject to upgrade and fourteen ships are being repaired by the yard.

The yard’s 2012 scope of the performed work and services amounted to UAH 414.9 million, which is more than double from 2011.

The average wages of the production workers in December 2012 amounted to UAH 4,506.

[1] drop-shaped horn in the bow of the vessel improving its performance

[2] edging of holes in the deck of the vessel