Changes in Metinvest Shareholding Structure


SCM and SMART-HOLDING made a deal with the owners of Clarendale Limited for an indirect acquisition of their 5% stake in Metinvest B.V. that owns the corporate rights in all the major assets of Metinvest Group.

As a result of this deal and according to the agreements between SCM and SMART-HOLDING, the shareholders' stakes in Metinvest B.V. were eventually allocated as follows: SCM Group: 75%-1 share; SMART-HOLDING Group: 25%+1 share.

Implementation of the deal and associated agreements is carried out in full compliance with the requirements of the applicable legislation.


Metinvest B.V. owns corporate rights in the vertically integrated Metinvest Group of mining and metals companies, which combines 37 enterprises in Ukraine, Europe and the US.

Metinvest is a vertically integrated group of mining and metals companies that manages assets in each link of the production chain, from IORM, coal and coke production to the production of semi-finished and finished steel products, tube rolls and coils, and manufacturing of other products with high added value. The group comprises mining and metals enterprises located in Ukraine, Europe and the US and has a sales network covering all the key world's markets.

SCM is a professional investor and the management company of Ukraine's biggest finance and industrial group with operations focused in three main industries: mining and metals, energy and finance, as well as telecommunications, media business, real estate, retail, production of mineral commodities, sales of oil products, agriculture, machine-building and transportation business.

SCM Group includes Metinvest and DTEK, First Ukrainian International Bank, ASKA and ASKA-Life insurance companies, Ukrtelekom, Vega Telecommunications Group, Ukraina Media Group, ESTA Holding (real estate), Ukrainskiy Retail (grocery retail), UMG (clay production), Parallel (petroleum products retail), HarvEast (agriculture), Corum Group machine-building holding company, Portinvest transportation holding company and others.

Chief Executive Officer: Oleg Popov.

SCM is fully owned by businessman Rinat Akhmetov.

Website of SCM:

Smart-Holding is one of the largest industrial and investment groups of Ukraine combining the enterprises that share common strategic objectives and business principles. The interests of Smart-Holding focus on the industries that are the key ones for the economy of the country. The enterprises of Smart-Holding invest in metals and mining, oil and gas segment, banking, agriculture, retail, shipbuilding and real estate. Smart-Holding's enterprises also participate in other business projects as portfolio investors.

Website of Smart-Holding:

Smart-Holding Group includes Metinvest (25%+1 share), HarvEast (25%), Veres, Smart Energy (Regal Petroleum, Prom-Energo Product, Ukrgazvydobutok), Unex Bank, Smart Maritime Group (Kherson Shipyard, Chernomorsky Shipbuilding Yard, Ochakov Port), Yudzhin (complex reconstruction of Troyitska Square in Kyiv), Smart-Nerudprom.

The main beneficiary of Smart-Holding is Vadim Novinsky