Смарт Холдинг

Smart-Holding's Statement on Business Activity of Zaporozhnerudprom


Some media outlets posted information that Zaporozhnerudprom Company was shipping its product (crushed granite) to customers in the Russian Federation (RF). This product is allegedly used in the construction of the so-called Kerch Bridge. Journalists refer to the statement by former Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine David Sakvarelidze posted on his personal profile in Facebook.

Smart-Holding officially declares that this information does not correspond to reality. Currently, Zaporozhnerudprom does not have export contracts in its portfolio and supplies its products only to Ukrainian consumers in the domestic market.

In August 2015, the government of the Russian Federation by its resolution introduced restrictive measures on imports of rubble and gravel from the territory of Ukraine. The document introduced a special licensing regime for Ukrainian producers, which was prolonged for the whole 2016. Currently, Zaporozhnerudprom does not hold the respectve license, and, accordingly, does not export any of its products to the Russian Federation.

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