Congratulations to All Journalists on Their Professional Holiday!


What do journalists actually do? They explore and investigate, control and explain, promote and remind, sort out and bring to notice, unite people and bring up issues, make reports and describe things, introduce and analyse, and finally they inspire! All of that is made by you – journalists!

Do not stop and do not despair, despite everything happening in the country. You are moving forward, you are climbing new heights – and the country is moving together with you. You are not afraid to call a fool a fool, to call a corrupt official a corrupt official, you are not afraid of hostilities and threats from the objects of your investigations. You are the real heroes! Let us not be afraid of big words.

Thank you and congratulations! We are sure that you will support our traditional initiative: our company decided to use the funds intended for congratulating journalists to purchase oxygenators for the Heart Centre of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Oxygenators are devices used in complex heart operations to saturate blood with oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from it. They will help save lives of many patients.