Happy Metallurgists' and Miners' Day!


Dear metallurgists and mining workers!

Congratulations on your professional holiday – the Metallurgists' and Miners' Day. This holiday is always an occasion to be proud of for those representing this challenging, courageous profession extremely necessary for our country. This is your holiday, the holiday of brave and resolute people, dedicated to their job. 

Steel making continues to be the main locomotive and a solid base for the Ukrainian economy. The industry, which employs hundreds of thousands of people, which is famous for its dynasties and traditions, effectively responds to all challenges. Despite the economic crisis, metallurgists invest billions of dollars in their development.

Ukrainian companies are being modernized, they introduce advanced technologies, raise the level of labour safety and environmental safety. All this is the guarantee of our competitiveness in global markets. However, the main value of the industry is people who work at the blast furnaces and open-hearth furnaces, in quarries and in sinter shops, at crushing plants and ore-processing factories. I want to express gratitude for your hard work, to wish you good health, all the best to your families, optimism and, of course, a peaceful sky over your heads!

Alexey Pertin

CEO of Smart-Holding,

Deputy Chairman of Metinvest's Supervisory Board