SMG Granted UAH 1 Million for Humanitarian and Social Projects in 2017


Smart Maritime Group Shipbuilding Company (SMG, Kherson) supported a number of important social projects in 2017, having allocated almost UAH 1 million for this purpose.

Last year, Nikolaev and Kherson shipyards granted UAH 198 thousand of financial aid to veterans' organizations. In addition, targeted support was provided to veterans of Kherson shipyard who participated in the Great Patriotic War.

Veterans’ organizations of SMG today number about 1,900 people. For the last ten years, more than one hundred veterans were undergoing health recovery course at Korabel recreation centre every year. In 2017, for the first time, a veterans’ organization of Nikolaev shipyard participated in the health recovery program. The cost of vouchers for the health recovery program is fully reimbursed by SMG’s administration and UAH 168 thousand were allocated for these purposes in 2017. Support to veterans ensures continuity of professional and spiritual traditions of SMG team.

In 2017, SMG also provided active support to educational institutions of Kherson city. Thus, Antey training motor-boat was renovated for Kherson Hydrometeorological College, and funds were granted to Kherson Shipbuilding Professional Lyceum for their building’s roof repair. In addition, the Lyceum received some metal to be used in practical exercises.

Last year, SMG provided assistance to Kasperovskiy Temple (Kherson city). UAH 40 thousand were granted for construction purposes.

Traditionally, some funds were allocated for Christmas celebrations and to support the Christmas Island festival. A significant part of the financial support was provided by the International Charitable Foundation in Honour of Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God belonging to People's Deputy Vadym Novynskyi.

Financial support was also provided to Sofia civil society organization, which helps children with cerebral palsy. At the Company's cost, 2 families raising children with disabilities underwent health rehabilitation course in Korabel recreation centre.

SMG held Zabotinskiy subbotnik (clean-up day) dedicated to a 100-year anniversary of the legendary director of Kherson Shipyard Mr Vsevolod Zabotin. About UAH 28 thousand were granted to the community of the micro-district for the purchase of building materials.

Since 2005, the Company has traditionally been supporting the community of Kherson in organizing the City Day. In August 2017, SMG took the initiative to prepare the embankment for the City Day, having financed UAH 100 thousand worth work and purchase of consumable materials. The Company also acted as the general sponsor of this holiday, having granted UAH 300 thousand to the city.


Smart Maritime Group (SMG) is the largest shipbuilding holding company in Ukraine combining two shipyards: in Nikolaev and Kherson. SMG's 2017 production output amounted to UAH 317 million.

From 1 September 2017 on, wages of hull assemblers of metal vessels, wages of welders and marine vessel pipe fitters were increased by 35% and now are in the range from UAH 8,000 to UAH 26,000 for a full working month.