Smart Maritime Group Sent First Batch of Metal Structures to Southern GOK


Smart Maritime Group has dispatched to the customer the first batch of metal structures manufactured within the scope of the contract for the assembly of three thickening tanks for the Southern Iron Ore Enrichment Works. The total of the contract will be about UAH 175 million.

Overall, 180 columns of support bases for the tanks were shipped to Krivoy Rog by road. All of them were produced in Nikolaev and then delivered to Kherson Shipyard of SMG for painting.

The thickener designed by German ENGINEEREING DOBERSEK GMBH is a metal structure of three tanks with a supporting part, each 62 meters in diameter and 10.9 meters high. Their total weight is over 2,000 tons. It is designed for a new hydro-technical facility with the technology of transporting gangue in a condensed state after extraction of liquid.

Currently, Nikolaev and Kherson Shipyards of SMG continue implementation of this large-scale contract.