Smart Maritime Group Shipped First 400 Tons of Steel Structures to YuGOK


Nikolayev Shipyard of Smart Maritime Group (SMG, Nikolayev) has shipped the first 400 tons of steel structures for assembling of thickening tanks of the Southern Mining and Processing Plant (YuGOK).

Since August, the columns of the support base, the discharge cone, the I-section radial beams and the bracings of the flooring sheets have been shipped off by road to Krivoy Rog. The most difficult part, from a technical point of view, was the dispatch of I-section radial beams, the length of which reached up to 27 meters. For this purpose, special long vehicles (trawls) were used, which were accompanied by police cars to ensure road safety along the way.

In total, 23 trucks were used to deliver the metal structures.

The thickener designed by German ENGINEEREING DOBERSEK GMBH is a structure consisting of three tanks, 62 meters in diameter and 10.9 meters high each. The thickener is designed for a new hydro-technical facility with the technology of transporting waste rock in a condensed state after extracting the liquid. The total weight of the steel structures to be manufactured by SMG will be above 2,000 tons.

The contract worth UAH 175 million was signed by SMG and YuGOK in February 2018. It is expected that the contractual operations will be completed by January 2019.