Smart Energy Group commissioned well No.10 in Kharkiv region


British company Regal Petroleum, which is a part of Smart Energy Group, completed initial testing of well No.10 at Vasyschyvske field in Kharkiv region and commissioned it. The well is operating with a stable flow rate of 55K m3/day of gas and 10 m3/day of condensate.

The well was drilled to a depth of 3,380 metres. Hydrocarbons have been produced from productive horizon B-17 (interval 3,282-3,288 metres). After testing using a variety of choke sizes the well was hooked up to the gas processing facility. It has been now flowing with a stable flow rate.

As a reminder, well No.10 was spudded in March 2018.


Regal Petroleum plc is a British AIM-quoted public company, operating in Ukraine through the Representative Office of Regal Petroleum Corporation Limited in Poltava region and LLC Prom-Energo Product in Kharkiv region. The companies own special license for production of hydrocarbons and are part of Smart Energy Group.

Smart Energy Group is part of Smart-Holding, in charge of implementing exploration projects, commercial development of the hydrocarbon deposits and alternative energy initiatives.