Veres Group Releases a Line of Natural Ketchups


Veres Group has launched the production of natural ketchups under the trademark of the same name.

The production process was set up at the production facilities of Kaniv cannery, which is managed by VG Production Company (Kyiv), part of Veres Group.

The product line is represented by three types of sauces: Lagidnyi, Tomatnyi and Gostryi (Mild, Tomato and Hot). Only fresh tomatoes harvested on the Group's own farmlands are used in the production of the ketchup. The share of fresh tomatoes in the product reaches 76%. At the same time, according to the formulation, no tomato paste, preserving agents, starch and food dyes are added to the ketchup. The product is safe for children.

The sauce is packed in a specially designed glass container having a volume of 350 grams.

By the end of the year, the product will appear in the stores of the country's leading retail chains.


Veres Group, part of Smart-Holding industrial and investment group, is a vertically integrated FMCG business specializing in the production of food products, canned food and sauces in particular.

The Group is comprised of 2 processing and 2 agricultural enterprises, and a logistics centre for storage of products. It also includes the largest champignon mushroom growing farm in Ukraine. The Group's facilities annually process up to 25,000 tons of fruits and vegetables. Throughout a year, the Company employs about 2,400 people, including permanent and seasonal workers.

Products under Veres trademark are supplied to more than 35 countries of the world. The Group's share in the domestic market of canned fruits and vegetables is 30%. The Group is among the TOP-3 producers of canned vegetables in Ukraine.