Smart Maritime Group Invested over UAH 20 Million in the Modernization of its Production Facilities and Key Assets


Smart Maritime Group (SMG) has invested over UAH 20 million in the modernization of its production facilities and key assets. This year, Kherson Shipyard completed a large-scale major overhaul of the roof of the ship-building slip – a special production building where ships are built and repaired year-round in completely enclosed indoor premises. The area covered by the overhaul amounted to 13,000 square metres, and this equals the size of two football pitches at Wembley Stadium.

In addition, in 2021, Kherson Shipyard completed a project to modernize and upgrade its OmniMat gas-cutting machine. It can now operate in plasma mode thanks to the retrofit with Hypertherm XPR300 system. Enabling the equipment to operate with plasma ensured significant increase in the economic efficiency and accuracy of the tasks performed, which makes it possible to meet the modern day requirements of customers.

Dmitriy Krasnikov, CEO of SMG, noted, ‘In general, the volume of investments made by the Company in 2021 is more than UAH 20 million. These investments allow us to look to the future with confidence and believe that we will find and bring in new demanding customers and will be able to meet their expectations.’

Smart Maritime Group is the largest shipbuilding company in Ukraine combining the shipbuilding assets of Smart Holding industrial and investment group: Nikolaev and Kherson shipyards. The SMG's production capacities allow the construction of medium-tonnage fully outfitted vessels and comprehensive ship repair operations. The shipyards’ customers are companies from the Netherlands, Norway, the UK and other countries.