Vadym Novynsky Foundation provided assistance to Zaporizhia hospitals in the amount of 15.1 million hryvnias


Due to the active hostilities on the territory of Zaporizhia region, the city's health care institutions provide round-the-clock multidisciplinary, specialized, emergency and urgent medical care to servicemen, wounded, internally displaced persons, as well as the population of the city and region. Doctors are often faced with the need to treat gunshot wounds.

The executive committee of the city council of Zaporizhia appealed to Vadym Novynskyi Foundation with a request for external fixation devices as charitable aid.

"Currently, surgeons often and effectively use external fixation devices in their work. 30-40% of the wounded require them. They should always be in the reserve of the city's health care facilities," said Anatoliy Kurtev, secretary of Zaporizhia City Council.

Vadym Novynskyi Foundation purchased devices of various sizes for the amount of UAH 15.1 million and handed them over to the city's hospitals.

"We express our gratitude to Vadym Novynskyi for the provided disinterested help. He perfectly understands all the complexity and danger of the situation in the city due to martial law. This is not the first time when the businesses of Smart Holding group and his Foundation help Zaporizhzhia, the residents of the city and the region," said Anatoliy Kurtev.

In April, Vadym Novynskyi provided another financial aid to Zaporizhia region, 5 million hryvnias went to the humanitarian needs of regions close to the war zone and receiving a large number of refugees, including those from Mariupol. In the same month, his Foundation purchased a batch of equipped ambulances from the countries of the European Union, and the first 9 vehicles were donated as humanitarian aid to the Municipal non-profit enterprise "Territorial Medical Association "Regional Center for Emergency Medical Aid and Disaster Medicine" of Zaporizhzhia Regional Council.

In March, at the request of Zaporizhya city government, the Foundation purchased 60 vacuum therapy devices and 1,050 sets of consumables for them in the amount of over UAH 15 million for the city emergency and medical care hospital and city hospital No. 9.

Earlier, the Foundation responded to the call of the city authorities of Zaporizhya to provide financial assistance to territorial defense units. $500,000 was transferred to the account of the charity fund created for these needs.

The total amount allocated by Vadym Novynskyi for humanitarian projects since February 24 amount to almost UAH 700 million.