Смарт Холдинг

Speech by CEO "Smart Holding" at the economic forum in the Polish city of Karpach


"The beneficiary of the Marshall Plan is not only Ukraine. This is the Plan for the Reformation of Europe" — the speech of the CEO of "Smart Holding" at the economic forum in the Polish city of Karpacz

Ukraine should become one of the flagships on the European economic map, be attractive for investments from all over the world. The CEO of Smart-Holding, Julia Kiryanova, stated this in her speech at the 31st International Economic Forum in the Polish city of Karpacz. The forum in Poland brought together leading politicians and officials of EU countries, MEPs and representatives of large Polish and international business. One of the central topics of the forum was the Marshall Plan for the reconstruction of Ukraine after the war. After all, a strong and prosperous Ukraine would be a reliable shield for Europe and its powerful economic partner.

"The beneficiary of the Marshall Plan is not only Ukraine. This is the Reformation Plan for Europe. Essentially, restoring and integrating Ukraine into Europe, Europe itself will undergo a reboot and its own restoration," Julia Kiryanova said in her speech.

Focusing on the vision of Ukraine - what it should become after the victory and in the perspective of 10 years - Julia spoke about restoration, transformation and modernization in all spheres of life. Funds for this would be grants and loans from international organizations for the country, direct foreign and domestic investments in business for restoration and modernization of Ukrainian industries, which should be reoriented to products with high added value.

We offer the main statements from Julia Kiryanova's speech at the international economic forum:

— "I believe that we will be very proactive in discussing direct investments from businesses. We are ready to discuss their forms and the achievement of specific KPIs from the point of view of effectiveness."

— "There must be unified laws and rules for business. As well as zero tolerance for corruption. As a citizen, I will fight for equal investments in Ukraine, for both foreign and domestic investors to see our country as an appealing object. So that not only the domestic investor, who has been investing in Ukraine and its industries for all 30 years of independence, would work here. But so that Ukraine would be attractive for foreign investors as well."

— "Within 10 years we must increase the added value of Ukrainian products. In 10 years, I want to see the transformation of our GDP: the transition from exporting resources — metal, grain, chemical products — to a product with added value. So that Ukraine has influence on the structure of global production."

— "Science is a historically strong side of Ukraine. Now we have lost this potential in technology. It must be restored for the sake of development, including for the sake of up-to-date military production."

— "As a citizen of Ukraine, in a 10-year perspective I want to live in a democratic country with a high level of security, with quality education for our children, so that we realize ourselves in our country, and not look for a better fate somewhere else in the world."