Congratulation on the Day of Oil, Gas and Oil Refining Industry Workers!


Dear friends!

This year, the Day of Oil, Gas and Oil Refining Industry Workers fell at a time of difficult historical trials for our country and for all of us.

The first days of the full-scale war forced us to completely halt our gas production. However, understanding the importance of the energy system for the country's economy, very soon you, dear colleagues, opened a gas front in the fight against the aggressor. First, in March, production resumed at the deposits of the Poltava region. And at the end of August, extraction in the Kharkiv region resumed, effectively under front-line conditions.

We know that the aggressor hopes to exert gas stranglehold around the neck of Europe and it`s your work that doesn`t let him do it. Each of you makes your daily contribution to the energy independence of our country.

Thank you for your self-sacrificing work, for your dedication to the common goal, and for your desire to move forward despite all obstacles. I admire the professionalism and courage of each of you - specialists of the Smart Energy group!

Due to hostilities and the temporary occupation of certain territories, the volume of gas production in the country has decreased significantly, but we know that we will win everything back and restore it. We believe in the victory of Ukraine and bring it closer every day on the economic front.

Smart Holding looks into the victorious future of Ukraine with confidence and will continue to invest in the industries that are the basis of the Ukrainian economy.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you and your loved ones victory and peace in our country and comfort in your homes. I wish you and your families safety, well-being and happiness. Let your loved ones be proud of your achievements and successes, just as we are proud of them.


CEO of Smart-Holding

Julia Kiryanova