“Metinvest Together! psychological service” helps over 1,100 employees


Metinvest Together! psychological service was launched as a response to life challenges, to help the company’s employees during the war. The project is a success, judging by 1,113 individual and group support sessions as well as a number of positive reviews from Metinvest employees.

Nobody was ready for the doom and gloom brought by the war. The Ukrainian people live in a world where they are at constant risk and under unbelievable stress. Metinvest Group of Rinat Akhmetov and Vadym Novynskyi takes mental health of its employees very seriously. To help them cope with strong emotions and stress, the company partnered with Wellbeing Company to launch a unique project Metinvest Together!

Since the very first days of the war the project psychologists have been helping the company’s employees and members of their families by providing qualified psychological support. The service employs professional psychologists and trainers who know how to help with any emotional health issues. Each Ukrainian citizen needs this kind of assistance as we need to support each other.


Over six months Metinvest Together! psychologists have provided 1,113 individual and group support sessions for the company’s employees and members of their families.