During 15 months of the war, Smart Holding donated almost USD 41 million for humanitarian projects and aid to Ukraine


Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Smart Holding Group, including the ownership share in Metinvest, has donated almost USD 41 million (or UAH 1.3 billion) to help Ukraine. The key areas of assistance from the holding company are support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and internally displaced persons, as well as socially important facilities. In the context of the war, special attention is paid to providing military and healthcare facilities and institutions with the necessary materials.

In particular, the group allocated about UAH 90 million for the purchase of 120 specially equipped ambulances in Europe to be used at the front and in the front-line communities. For the needs of military units, the group purchased some medical goods worth almost UAH 3 million, namely bandages, dressing materials, saline solutions, haemostatic agents, syringes, etc. In addition, the holding company purchased 4,000 US-standard professional military first-aid kits worth more than UAH 12 million, as well as 3,400 military beds from China worth more than UAH 2 million.

For hospitals in Zaporizhia, the Group purchased some medical equipment worth UAH 45.5 million. For hospitals in Dnipro, it purchased medical goods worth UAH 14.6 million produced in Israel. Smart Holding also allocated UAH 700,000 for the restoration of the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in Irpin, which was damaged by shelling.

The Group provided UAH 3.8 million for the purchase of evacuation vehicles and fuel. The holding company also supplied food packages and hygiene products to regions that needed them the most. In total, Smart Holding allocated more than UAH 90 million for this aid and purchased more than 100,000 such packages.

The Group purchased power generators of various capacities to the amount of over UAH 40.5 million. They are donated for the needs of hospitals, the military, invincibility hubs, and other social institutions.

In addition to large-scale group-wide projects, each Smart Holding business provided and continues to provide assistance to the country on an individual basis. In particular, steel from Metinvest was used for tens of thousands of defence and fortification structures, anti-tank hedgehogs, and modern protective gear that help to fight against the aggressor. During the 15 months of the war, Metinvest Group donated over UAH 3.7 billion to aid Ukraine, of which more than UAH 2 billion is aid to the country’s defence forces fighting the aggressor. Smart Energy Group, consisting of gas producing companies, helped to set up checkpoints, provided rescuers with protective equipment, and treated young IDPs with some sweet gifts in the regions of its presence. The energy company allocated more than UAH 49 million for these needs.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Veres Company has donated more than 112,000 food items for the needs of the military, worth UAH 1.6 million in total. Smart Granit (Zaporizhia) provided 1,650 tons of crushed stone, worth UAH 350,000, for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Territorial Defence Units for free. At the request of the local authorities of Kherson city, Kherson Shipyard of Smart Maritime Group shipbuilding group spent more than UAH 2 million on the restoration of electrical substations after the liberation. An additional UAH 600,000 was spent on maintaining the energy supply and on other humanitarian needs.

“Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, Smart Holding’s businesses have suffered significant losses, but despite all the circumstances, we have done everything to keep up the production process where possible, support employees, and help the country fight the enemy. We are a Ukrainian business that has worked in Ukraine and for Ukraine.

However, today we observe some counter-productive and hopeless struggle against a transparent and law-abiding business that operates on the economic front, ensures the energy security of the country, and systematically helps those who are fighting for victory. By making it impossible for our businesses to carry out operational activities, the state of Ukraine is losing in the first turn. The state has already lost almost UAH 200 million and 20 million cubic meters of gas from the halt of gas deposits alone, and this figure is growing every day. Despite the attempts to shut down the operation of the businesses, we are not yet pausing the support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and humanitarian projects. As long as the state has not taken this opportunity away from us, we will continue doing it. After all, for us, like for the rest of Ukrainians, at the moment, the number one priority is the victory of Ukraine,” said Julia Kiryanova, CEO of Smart Holding Group.



Smart Holding is one of the largest investment groups in Ukraine. The Group’s interests are focused on industries that are key to the country’s economy. The companies of the Group invest in assets of the mining and metallurgical, oil and gas industries, agriculture, shipbuilding, real estate and energy sectors. Smart Holding’s strategy is aimed at effective management of a diversified investment portfolio in order to increase its value in the long run.

Smart Holding (Cyprus) LTD is a top holding company of the Group, which was established and operates under the legislation of the Republic of Cyprus. Its beneficiaries are citizens of the Republic of Cyprus, acting within the framework of Smart Trust and Step Trust.

The total amount of taxes paid by Smart Holding Group over the past 5 years is more than UAH 11.6 billion.