Smart Energy Group resumed well after workover in Kharkiv oblast


Smart Energy Group completed successful workover and resumed operation of well #62 at Ostroverkhivske gas and condensate field in Kharkiv oblast. The workover resulted gas flow rate at the level of 75 thousand m3/day.

Smart Energy Group paid UAH 1.3 bln in taxes for 9 months 2021


For 9 months of 2021 the companies of Smart Energy Group paid in total UAH 1.3 bln in taxes. That is nearly twice as much as for the same period last year (UAH 693.0 mln). These payments include UAH 606.9 mln fee for subsoil use to the budgets of all levels. Thus, UAH 30.3 mln of subsoil tax were paid to the local budgets.

AMC Regranted Permission to SMART HOLDING (CYPRUS) to Buy KHARKIVOBLENERGO’s Shares


At a meeting on Thursday, 28 October, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) for the second time granted permission to SMART HOLDING (CYPRUS) LTD (hereinafter – SMART HOLDING) to acquire a block of shares in KHARKIVOBLENERGO JSC in a number that ensures more than 25% of votes in the company’s supreme management body. During the consideration of the application, the Committee, the same way as at the beginning of this year, found that the concentration of shares would not lead to monopolization or significant restriction of competition in product markets.

KHARKIVENERGOZBUT Falsified the Shareholder Meeting’s Decision on Election of a Legally Competent Supervisory Board


On 7 October 2021, an extraordinary general shareholder meeting of KHARKIVENERGOZBUT PJSC was held online. At the meeting a new legally qualified composition of the company’s Supervisory Board was elected. Officials of KHARKIVENERGOZBUT PJSC falsified the minutes of the meeting stating in them that a decision on this agenda item was not made.

For 9 months, 2021, Smart Energy Group produced 300 mln m3 of gas


Smart Energy group announces the production results for 9 months, 2021.

Smart Holding Reveals Graft by Kharkivoblenergo Management Worth UAH 111.6 Million


SMART HOLDING (CYPRUS) LTD, a shareholder of Kharkivoblenergo JSC, has revealed gross abuse and inefficient use of funds during tender procedures by the management of the energy company for a total of UAH 111.6 million. The shareholder’s representative filed 19 claims on committed grave crimes to the Main Directorate of the National Police in Kharkiv region for an appropriate response.

SPF Broke the Law by Keeping the Powers of Ineligible Supervisory Boards of Kharkivoblenergo and Kharkivenergozbut


On 21 September 2021, extraordinary shareholder meetings of KHARKIVOBLENERGO JSC and KHARKIVENERGOZBUT PJSC were held, convened at the initiative of the State Property Fund of Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as the Fund or SPF). During the voting, representatives of the Fund did not support the draft decisions meant to bring the composition of the energy companies’ supervisory boards to compliance with the legislation that regulates the activities of joint stock companies. This has led to the fact that the supervisory boards of KHARKIVOBLENERGO JSC and KHARKIVENERGOZBUT PJSC remain unauthorized since they still do not have independent members.

Smart Energy spudded a new well at Svyrydivske field


Drilling of a new well with target depth of 5,250 m is scheduled to be completed by the end of Q1 of 2022. In case of further successful testing, production hook-up is expected during Q2 of 2022.

Enwell Energy increased its average daily production rate and revenues in H1, 2021


British Company Enwell Energy plc, a part of Smart Energy, announces its operational and financial unaudited results for H1, 2021. For six months the company has increased its aggregate average daily production by 8.2%, while the revenues have grown by 66.4%.

SPF Continues to Ignore the Requirements of the Law on the Formation of Independent Supervisory Boards of State-Owned Companies


The State Property Fund of Ukraine (SPF) did not take part in the extraordinary meetings of KHARKIVOBLENERGO JSC and KHARKIVENERGOZBUT PJSC, which were initiated by the shareholder of the companies SMART HOLDING (CYPRUS) LTD. The agenda of the meetings included the questions on the election of new members of the energy companies’ supervisory boards, including independent board members, as well as on conducting a special audit of the companies’ financial and economic activities for 2019–2020.