SMART ENERGY: Unjustified Search in Regal Petroleum Offices


SMART ENERGY Group considers as unjustified the search in the territory of the Representative Office of Regal Petroleum Corporation Limited, a member of the Group and a listed British company having the assets in Ukraine.

Kherson Shipyard Floats Out Oil Garbage Disposal Vessel for Yuzhny Port


Kherson Shipyard, part of the shipbuilding company Smart Maritime Group (SMG, Kherson), has floated out an oil garbage disposal vessel SEA ANT of НМ 440 design built by order of Yuzhnenskiy subsidiary of Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (state enterprise in Yuzhny town, Odessa region).

Smart-Holding Granted Miloserdiye (Mercy) Certificate During Pokrov Film Festival


During the opening ceremony of the International Orthodox Film Festival Pokrov (Russian for Intercession [of the Holy Virgin]), representative of Smart-Holding Yevgeniy Zagorulko granted a certificate for 20,000 US dollars to one of the most talented cardiac surgeons, director of the Ukrainian Heart Center, Boris Todurov as the winner of Miloserdiye (Mercy) Awards established by the organizers of the Festival.

Smart-Holding's Statement on Business Activity of Zaporozhnerudprom


Some media outlets posted information that Zaporozhnerudprom Company was shipping its product (crushed granite) to customers in the Russian Federation. This product is allegedly used in the construction of the so-called Kerch Bridge. Smart-Holding officially declares that this information does not correspond to reality. Currently, Zaporozhnerudprom does not have export contracts in its portfolio and supplies its products only to Ukrainian consumers in the domestic market.

Smart-Holding’s Statement on Searches in the Company's Offices


Smart-Holding voices its protest against regular searches made in the Group’s companies and in the head office. We consider this kind of investigative procedures as unjustified pressure on business. We appeal to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine and personally to the President with a demand to stop using these grossest methods of penetration into the Company’s offices accompanied by damage to property. The legislation provides for such action only in extreme cases.

Smart-Holding’s Public Petition to the Prosecutor’s Office and the Security Service of Ukraine


On 22 July 2016, several companies of Smart-Holding were searched on the basis of the respective court decision. 

To facilitate the identification and recording of the facts of the criminal offence, to assist in finding the instruments of the crime or the property gained through the crime, as well as the objects and documents relevant for the pre-trial investigation, Smart-Holding Group pledges its readiness to cooperate with the pre-trial investigation authorities and to provide all the required documents and information available to us that may contribute to the comprehensive investigation of this or any other criminal proceeding within the framework of the applicable legislation.

Smart-Holding`s Statement on the Illegal Searches in the Companies of the Group


Illegal searches are yet again made today in some of the companies included in the sphere of interests of Smart-Holding. Representatives of the Security Service of Ukraine under the guise of some questionable court decisions entered the offices of the companies saying that their goal was to study the question of the alleged "involvement of the Group's companies into financing of terrorism." Smart-Holding officially declares that neither the management company nor any of its subsidiaries or its beneficiary, one of the leaders of the Opposition Bloc Vadym Novynskyi, have anything to do with these trumped up charges.

Metallurgists’ and Miners’ Day


Dear metallurgists and miners! Let me offer you my heartiest congratulations on the Metallurgists’ and Miners’ Day!

CEO of Smart-Holding Pertin: We Begin Establishment of the Industrial Park Based on ChSY Site


RBC-Ukraine: We met with the CEO of Smart-Holding Alexey Pertin to discuss the development outlook of the Ukrainian shipbuilding industry since forecasts by industry analysts predict a protracted global crisis for all shipyards. In particular, DanishShipFinance predicts that the world's largest shipyards may be left without any orders by 2017.

KhSY Shareholders Reshuffle Supervisory Board


Shareholders of Kherson Shipyard made changes to the membership of the company's supervisory board.