New Edition of Maritime Doctrine as Related to Support of Shipbuilding Risks Becoming a Declarative Document – Expert


The new edition of the Maritime Doctrine till 2035, as related to supporting the shipbuilding industry, risks becoming the same declarative document as its predecessor from 2009. This is how Vasiliy Fedin, Director General of Smart Maritime Group, commented on approval of the new edition of the Maritime Doctrine by the government.

Smart Energy Group has increased production of gas by 30%


Over 11 months of 2018 Smart Energy Group has increased overall production of gas by 30% from 204.1 mln m3 produced last year versus 266.3 mln m3 produced in 2018.

Smart Maritime Group Completed Shipment of Over Two Thousand Tons of Steel Structures to YuGOK Ahead of Schedule


Smart Maritime Group has completed the shipment of metal structures for the construction of a new thickener at Southern Mining and Processing Plant (YuGOK, Krivoy Rog city, Dnepropetrovsk region) ahead of schedule.

Over 10 months of the current year the Companies of Smart Energy Group contributed 29 mln UAH of royalty payment to the local budget


Over 10 months of the current year, local budgets of Poltava and Kharkiv regions were contributed to with 12.3 mln UAH and 16.7 mln UAH respectively. These amounts were allocated by the companies of Smart Energy Group as royalty payment.

First 150 Tons of Metal Structures Mounted at YuGOK under Contract with SMG


The first 150 tons of metal structures of the thickener have been mounted at Southern Mining and Processing Plant (Krivoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk region) under the contract with Smart Maritime Group. The thickener will be used in the YuGOK production process.

Smart Energy Group commissioned well No.10 in Kharkiv region


British company Regal Petroleum, which is part of Smart Energy Group, completed initial testing of well No.10 at Vasyschyvske field in Kharkiv region and commissioned it. The well is operating with a stable flow rate of 55K m3/day of gas and 10 m3/day of condensate.

Trading update for the first nine months of 2018


Metinvest B.V., the parent company of a vertically integrated group of steel and mining companies, published a trading update for the first nine months ended 30 September 2018.

UNEX BANK Summed Up Its Q3 2018 Performance Results


“From the very beginning of 2018, UNEX BANK demonstrated positive trend and has been following the planned strategy for the development of its retail business,” comments Hanna Dovgalska, Chair of the Board of UNEX BANK. Active lending to the population and the launch of new banking card products ensured the growth in the financial indicators, increase in the client base and retail product portfolio.”

Bankruptcy Code is Another Step to Improve Business Climate in Ukraine – Expert


The Code on Bankruptcy Procedures is another step to improve business climate in Ukraine, and introduction of the world’s practice of personal bankruptcy into the national legislation is undoubtedly a significant innovation. Ms Lada Konduforova, Chief Legal Officer – Head of Legal Function of Smart-Holding, noted this in the comment to UNIAN.

More Than Half of Cylindrical Section of Tanker Hull Assembled at Nikolayev Shipyard of SMG


Nikolayev shipyard of Smart Maritime Group (SMG, Nikolayev) has already built up more than half of the cylindrical section of a chemical tanker being built by order of the Dutch VEKA Shipbuilding WT B.V.