Smart Holding steps up to restore Ohmatdyt's Emergency department


Yesterday, the Russian army deliberately targeted the national children's hospital, Ohmatdyt. This latest example of the enemy's unprecedented cruelty calls for all of us to unite resources to restore the facility. The speed at which the hospital can resume operations will determine the lives of Ukrainian children. Therefore, Smart Holding is joining the effort to rebuild Ohmatdyt.

It's not just a matter of money. How will Ukraine Facility program work and what is the point of private sector here?


Recently, Council of the EU approved a new financing facility — Ukraine Facility, with a volume of 50 billion euros. What is it, and how
will it affect Ukrainian economy and business.
Julia Kiryanova, CEO of Smart-Holding

Yulia Kiryanova: The battlefield and the economy are equally important


We encourage foreign companies to come to Ukraine now and not wait until the war is over. Especially when it comes to western Ukraine, says Yulia Kiryanova, president of the Ukrainian company Smart Holding.

Interview – Julia Kiryanova with Nicole Bastian, Head of the Foreign Affairs Department, Handelsblatt (translated from German)


Julia Kiryanova is traveling a lot these weeks. London, Brussels, Munich. The CEO of Ukrainian Smart Holding is campaigning for support for Ukraine - and for future investors there. But at home in Kiev, where Smart Holding is based, Kiryanova has to deal with two crises at once - the war and a dispute between the Ukrainian government and the founder of the company she is responsible for. 

Almost 2 bln UAH of taxes and 150 mln m3 of gas in 2023 is Smart Energy's contribution to supporting Ukraine's economy during the war. This indicator should have been higher


1.8 bln UAH of taxes and payments to budgets of different levels were paid by Smart Energy Group based on work results in 2023. Also, 150 mln m3 of gas, 17 thous t of condensate and 11.5 thous t of LPG were produced at the Group's assets. This is a responsible contribution of gas production business of production and investment group Smart-Holding in supporting the economy of Ukraine during the war.

The russian aggressor has launched an attack on a gas production facility operated by Smart Energy Group, in the Kharkiv province.


On the evening of October 11, one of the gas production facilities operated by Smart Energy Group in Kharkiv was attacked by Shahed drones.