Ochakov Port

Порт «Очаков»

Since 2007, Smart-Holding has been implementing a large-scale infrastructure project for the construction of Ochakov commercial seaport. The project, being implemented as a public-private partnership, will make it possible to transform the currently small port into one of the deep-water estuary ports on the Black Sea with the possibility to tranship up to 20 million tonnes a year.

A coal terminal, grain terminal and a terminal for transhipment of iron ore are planned to be built in the port. The water area of ​​the port is planned to be deepened to 15-18 meters. In addition, 70 kilometres of approach railway line are due to be built in close cooperation with the government. Completion of the port’s modernisation is planned for 2020.

The implementation of the project will expand the transport and transit potential of Ukraine, increase its commercial potential and the level of integration into the world economy.

The port currently has facilities for cargo handling with a scope of over 0.5 million tonnes per year. The port operates five berths with depths of up to 7.35 meters.