ChSY to Supply Equipment to Sinter Plant of Ilyich Iron and Steel Works


Chernomorsky Shipbuilding Yard (Smart-Holding, Nikolaev) shall supply the specialized equipment to Ilyich Iron and Steel Works in Mariupol (Metinvest Group) to be used in the sinter plant retrofit and upgrade project. The ChSY specialists have completed the manufacture of the rotary drum mixer* for the new sinter machine and are planning to conduct performance tests of the unit in the short term. The rotary drum mixer shall be supplied to the customer in October. The contract amount is over UAH 4 million.

ChSY was awarded the contract winning the tender over six other competitors. ChSY's bid was accepted as the best one in terms of the price and order delivery dates.

Aleksandr Ostapenko, the General Director of ChSY, has reported that the shipyard's machine-building capacities are currently utilized under a number of other contracts for production of equipment and accessories for iron-and-steel enterprises. The customers of ChSY include the enterprises of Metinvest Group, Marganets Mining and Processing Works (GOK), Ordzhonikidze Mining and Processing Works (GOK), Corum Group, etc.

'In the conditions of profound crisis in shipbuilding, we have been forced to look for other sources of income that would help the enterprise survive these difficult times and preserve its professional team and technological potential. Non-shipbuilding orders offer a promising development line that provides a partial answer to the challenges of the current market situation. Our short-term plan is to establish contacts with European counterparties and to expand our foundry production capacities,' said the General Director.

*Rotary drum mixer (SBF-2.8Х10) is a specialized piece of equipment designed to mix, moisten and pelletize the furnace burden constituents before they are fed to the sinter machine for the sintering treatment.

ChSY is a shipyard with the highest technical potential in Ukraine. The plant has two inclined staples (‘0’ and ‘1’) for construction of ships and vessels with displacement of up to 105,000 tonnes. Flow-line and positional production system is designed for a serial production of vessels with deadweight of up to 9,000 tonnes. Vessel production sites and construction flow lines are located in one covered building about 400 metres long. The shipyard's capacities can fulfill the orders of metallurgical, machine-building, oil & gas enterprises, etc. ChSY is part of Smart Maritime Group shipbuilding holding company (Ukraine).

Smart Maritime Group (SMG) is the largest shipbuilding holding company of Ukraine. It was founded in 2009 to manage the shipbuilding assets of Smart-Holding. SMG integrates two largest shipbuilding companies of Ukraine, Chernomorsky Shipbuilding Yard and Kherson Shipyard.