Congratulations on Metallurgists' and Miners' Day


Dear employees of the metallurgical and mining industries!

I would like to extend my sincere greetings on your professional holiday – the Metallurgists' and Miners' Day.

Despite the fact that last year became one of the worst for the domestic mining and metallurgical sector in the history of independent Ukraine, metallurgy continues to be the locomotive of our country's economy, accounting for a quarter of the industrial output and one third of the national exports. This industry remains advanced one in terms of the inflow of investments.

Last year, metallurgical enterprises increased their investments into technical re-equipment by 7%, to UAH 10.6 billion. The investment funds were mainly used for energy efficiency projects, cost reduction and environmental protection projects. Metinvest Group, the leader of the Ukrainian mining and metallurgical sector, holds the lead in the industry by the amount of investments.

The results of the first half of 2018 inspire our restrained optimism, but the industry continues to face a number of system-deep problems, which, I am sure, can and should be addressed by the state.

In an effort to increase efficiency, it is important to preserve the prestige of the profession and to provide decent social support to metallurgists and miners. I will not tire of repeating that people remain the key value and asset of the industry. To be a metallurgist is a special calling. It is a fusion of courage, hard work and an art to produce metal. I want to express gratitude for your hard work, to wish you good health, all the best to your families, optimism and, of course, peaceful sky over your heads!

Alexey Pertin

Chief Executive Officer of Smart-Holding
Deputy Chair of the Supervisory Board of Metinvest Group