Digest of News on Support of Our Country


Our next news digest on the help of our businesses and Vadym Novynskyi Charitable Foundation provided to administrations of cities and regions throughout Ukraine, as well as to volunteer organizations, the defense industry and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The overwhelming majority of funds have been spent on purchase of medicines and medical equipment, assistance in evacuation, resettlement of temporarily displaced persons, food production, fuel purchase, support for the defense units, and arrangement of protective structures.

Veres group of companies continues production of canned food and components of dry rations for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and territorial defense. The geography of deliveries is all of Ukraine, including Kyiv.

The gas-producing group Smart Energy donated 43 tons of diesel fuel for military needs and evacuation of people. The gas producers also ensured arrangement of checkpoints and equipment for the territorial defense units in Kharkiv region. 5 vehicles were transferred to the disposal of the territorial defense. Thanks to Smart Energy, 120 refugees received assistance in evacuation and settlement. The territorial defense of Kyiv received five new ATVs.

Zaporizhya "Smart Granite" has already transferred more than 1,000 tons of sifting and quarried stone for protective structures, a variety of equipment has been transferred to the builders of these structures.

Naval Park (Mykolaiv) purchased medicines and first-aid kits for the fighters.

Significant assistance to Ukraine in this difficult time is provided by Metinvest Group, a shareholder of which is Smart Holding. You can learn more about Metinvest's humanitarian projects at https://bit.ly/3Hfj71O.

Vadym Novynskyi Foundation works all these days with a heavy load. One of the main directions is assistance to Mariupol. Fuel for evacuation buses, transport, food, medicine, refugee accommodation and more. In general, the Foundation has allocated more than UAH 25 million to help Mariupol. The Fund has spent about UAH 15 million on medical equipment of Zaporizhya hospitals. More about cooperation with Zaporizhya authorities will be said later.

For the needs of Dnipropetrovsk region, 500 thousand US dollars were allocated through volunteer structures for purchase of medical supplies.

In total, at the first stage of the war, Vadym Novynskyi Foundation reserved UAH 150 million to help Ukraine. Now this amount has grown to UAH 250 million. Every day there are new areas of assistance, so this amount will significantly increase.

Smart Holding Group will continue supporting Ukraine in the fight against the aggressor, as well as pay taxes to the state budget in full.