Smart Energy helps territorial defense of Kyiv


Smart Energy gas-producing group, whose shareholder is Vadym Novynskyi, has allocated UAH 4.5 million to help Kyiv's territorial defense. First aid kits, food and more will be purchased to provide defense units.

Earlier, similar assistance was provided to the territorial defense units of Zaporizhia, Dnipro and Cherkasy.

Meanwhile, Vadym Novynsky Foundation has spent UAH 15 million for modern medical equipment to equip hospitals in Zaporizhia.

In particular, a ventilator, three operating tables, two radiographic digital systems, two portable ultrasound systems, three neonatal incubators, patient monitors, etc. were purchased for medical institutions. The equipment will be delivered to Zaporizhia in the near future.

In total, the Group's businesses and Vadym Novynskyi Foundation have spent more than UAH 120 million on humanitarian projects and supporting the country during the war since the beginning of the Russian armed aggression. The aid was aimed at purchasing medicines and food for the residents of cities in the zone of intensive hostilities, organizing evacuation columns, resettlement and support of temporarily displaced persons, medical equipment, etc.