The russian aggressor has launched an attack on a gas production facility operated by Smart Energy Group, in the Kharkiv province.


On the evening of October 11, one of the gas production facilities operated by Smart Energy Group in Kharkiv was attacked by Shahed drones.

Employees were promptly moved to a bomb shelter and remain unharmed.
The production apparatus suffered significant damage, and a two-story household building was completely destroyed by fire. The full extent of the damage is still being determined.

As of now, gas producers, together with the representatives of the State Emergency Service. have extinguished the fire.

The National Police is preparing materials to initiate a criminal case against the perpetrators.

Unfortunately, it is not only the enemy’s shelling that has caused losses for gas production companies. Smart Energy Group’s assets in Kharkiv are currently blocked, with gas production halted due to the suspension of special permits for hydrocarbon extraction.

This situation has arisen from the unlawful actions of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine which, in violation of international and Ukrainian laws, forcibly removed beneficial owners of Smart Energy Group companies from the registers in the spring of 2023.

As a result, the State itself has suffered immense losses, as it has failed to receive UAH 725 million in taxes and 84 million m3 of gas in the run up to the upcoming winter season.

We would once again like to emphasize that the Ukrainian economy should operate under the rules of a civilized market. The stable operation of energy assets in the country is vital in order to successfully navigate the winter season, especially considering the constant threat posed by the enemy's destruction of energy infrastructure.