Smart-Holding Presents Balaklava Green Project at MIPIM-2011 International Exhibition


Smart-Holding presents a project of building a recreational resort Balaklava Green (Sevastopol, Crimea) at the largest international real estate exhibition MIPIM-2011 (Cannes, France), which will be held on 8-11 March 2011.

Balaklava Green project presupposes construction of all-year-round national resort unique for Ukraine in terms of its scale and innovative engineering solutions. The project is built upon the principles of green (environmental) development and provides for the development of recreational facilities in the uncultivated areas of Balaklava Mine (Balaklava, Crimea). The projected investment for implementation of the project is about USD 1 billion.

‘The development of Balaklava Green project is the contribution of Smart-Holding to the social and economic development of Balaklava and Sevastopol, and improvement of the region’s environment. We are confident that Balaklava Green will become a remarkable resort on the Black Sea coast, and Sevastopol region will receive a powerful impetus to the development of tourism,’ the CEO of Smart-Holding Group Alexey Pertin commented on the presentation of Balaklava Green project at MIPIM Exhibition.

‘The development of the resort in Balaklava is a long-term project presupposing phased development in the course of 15 years. Balaklava Mine will gradually cease production of limestone in the deposits and at the same time will carry out the preparatory and construction work. As part of the project, reclamation of 750 hectares of quarries was fulfilled. Their territory will turn into a recreational centre with a cascade of buildings, combining the unique landscape created by nature and human being,’ said the Director for Real Estate Projects of Smart-Holding, Sergey Ovchinnikov.

Balaklava Green resort consists of four parts and will be built on land located within the picturesque Balaklava bay area (Tavros, Psilerakhy, Kadikoy and Gasfort). Each of the four parts of the resort will have its own specialization and functionally they will complement each other.

The resort provides for construction of about 22 hotels, health resorts, motels and camping grounds. The total area of these facilities will be 210 thousand square metres (3.5 thousand rooms). The project presupposes the construction of cottages, townhouses and apartments (about 500 thousand square metres of housing), as well as supermarkets, shops and public catering facilities (134.9 thousand square metres).

As part of Balaklava Green project, the company plans the construction of the largest water park in Eastern and Central Europe (total area of 60,000 square metres), a sports centre with an Olympic-class swimming pool, a multifunctional indoor arena, a yacht club, multiple fitness centres, SPA centres and tennis courts. The entertainment infrastructure of the resort will be represented by an amphitheatre, a theatre, cinemas, museum of history and culture of Balaklava. In addition, it is planned to build about 90 restaurants and cafes. Besides, the landscape parks will be created on the area of more than 120 hectares.

The development of the project also presupposes the construction of infrastructure facilities in Balaklava. Their design provides for the use of alternative energy sources. As part of the project, construction of local water treatment facilities for Balaklava and its surrounding villages is planned. They will make it possible to treat wastewater to near drinking water quality and use it for engineering purposes.

Balaklava Green occupies a favourable location in relation to transport infrastructure – the resort is located 15 km from Sevastopol and 24 km from Belbek airport (Sevastopol), and just 5.5 km from the planned construction sites of the train and bus stations.