Smart Maritime Group Repaired Another Dutch Vessel


Specialists of Kherson Shipyard of SMG have repaired Am Larafale dry cargo ship (flying the flag of Malta).

The repair operations were carried out by order of the Dutch Ship Management Support BV (Klundert, the Netherlands).

The ship had its inner side replaced and its rudder propeller unit and anchor chains repaired.

Repairs of vessels by order of Ship Management Support Company at SMG shipyards is carried out on a regular basis. At the end of last year, Laguepe vessel (flying the flag of Malta) was repaired for the Dutch company.


Smart Maritime Group (SMG) is the largest shipbuilding holding company in Ukraine combining two shipyards: in Nikolaev and Kherson.

On 1 September 2017, wages of hull assemblers of metal vessels, welders and marine vessel pipe fitters were increased by 35% and now stand at UAH 8,000 to UAH 26,000 for a full working month.