Sanctions cause rising business fears in Ukraine


Some politically connected players may be using the war as an opportunity to enrich themselves and plunder commercial rivals.

Smart Energy Group has provided 50 mln UAH of charitable aid since the beginning of war


Smart Energy Group, facilities of which are located in Kharkiv and Poltava provinces, has provided 50 mln UAH of charitable aid since the beginning of russian aggression, of which almost 46 mln UAH went for support of the Armed Forces and Territorial Defence.

The State will lose 1.3 billion UAH in taxes and 135 million m³ of gas due to the shutdown of Smart Energy Group companies in Kharkiv province


Due to suspension of special permits of private gas production companies Ukrgazvydobutok and Prom-Energo Product of Smart Energy Group for hydrocarbons production at Ostroverkhivske and Vasyschivske fields, the State and local budgets have already lost almost 110 million UAH, and the energy system – 12.4 million m³ of gas. Unless operation of companies is resumed in the near future, by the end of 2023 alone the State will have lost another 1.3 billion UAH of taxes and 135 million m³ of gas.

The position of Smart-Holding regarding the illegal blocking of assets


The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, under pressure from the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine), once again violated international and Ukrainian legislation and forcibly returned Vadym Novynskyi to the ultimate beneficiaries of the companies of the Smart Holding Group, grossly violating the rights of the Cypriot trustees.

Arkona Gas-Energy for the third time confirmed its legal rights to develop Svystunkivsko-Chervonolutske field


LLC Arkona Gas-Energy, which is Ukrainian asset of public British company Enwell Energy and part of Smart Energy Group, for the third time confirmed its legal rights to develop Svystunkivsko-Chervonolutske field.

Management of Smart-Holding: about an attempt to take over the gas business, falsified charges, and the future fate of the business


On 25 April, Julia Kiryanova, the CEO of Smart-Holding, as well as the directors of the businesses from the company’s structure, held a joint press conference where they said about an attempted take-over of the business with the help of the country’s law enforcement agencies, and also gave answers to all the questions from the public and journalists, which arose during the last month.

Smart-Holding’s Public Offer to the Authorities


Subject to the declared principles of integrity, transparency and openness, acting in the interests of the Trustees of one of the largest investment groups of Ukraine (the Business) and its employees, aiming to preserve this Business and its infrastructure, jobs, and a permanent source of revenue for the country’s budget, taking into account the unprecedented pressure from the entire law enforcement system on the enterprises of our Business, we propose for your consideration an offer for finding a way out of the current tangled situation, and a vision of our common future.

Ukraine seizes assets of billionaire Novynskyi's Smart Holding


Ukraine's security services have seized the assets of top oligarch Vadym Novynskyi (left) for "aiding the aggressor" in what management claim is a corporate raid.

Position of Smart-Holding Group Regarding the Law Enforcement Actions Towards its Business


Today the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) searched the offices of Smart-Holding Group and the business premises of Smart Energy under a criminal case which is completely groundless and is yet another attempt to exert pressure on a socially responsible and economically important business during wartime.